#2 The Sugus by Godzilla Juice

Jun 5, 2017 | Fcukin' Flava

Hold on there just a sec! Since ya’ll who have been trying out Fcukin’ Flava’s juices, why not give this one a shot. The Godzilla Juice! That’s right, Godzilla Juice is another awesome juice made by, yours truly, Fcukin’ Flava!!! There are 3 types of juices. But today we’ll be talking about juice number #2, the best-selling, The Sugus!

It is as you read it. The Sugus. Remember the iconic Swiss chewy candy? It’s a perfect fusion of Strawberry and Orange. Relive your childhood memories of the glorified candy, the taste resembles the tasty, fresh and sweet taste of the childhood candy. But this time in e-liquid form!! Why chew down when you can make clouds??

The Sugus nicotine level is available in 0,3,6,9, and 12 mg. If you fancy a little bit more taste, or maybe a little more or less VG or PG, don’t worry. Fcukin’ Flava offers custom made flavouring based on your desires. Head here to purchase. If you want a custom made The Sugus, let us know by email support@fcukinflava.com or fill up the “Order Notes” during the checkout page.

You know it’s good when it’s from Fcukin’ Flava!!

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