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Hey alle. Vi kan med glæde offentliggøre at vi nu i Danmark. For at spare tid, penge og forsvunde forsendelser kan i, i fremtiden købe jeres væsker på og nååja, vi giver også gratis forsendelse – ikke dårligt vel?

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“Masarap! International delivery is super fast. Amazing!!!” Jbonifacio


“At times it also feels like I am drinking real lemonade. The first vape is most tangy but after a few puffs, it sweetens with less zing.” Sonofagan


“The coolness is the best part!” Ajea


“Amazing liquorice taste fresh cold throat hit with a more than enjoyable aftertaste.” Tom

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Low Menthol Edition, Now Available!

  Attention to all vapers out there, The ADV series is now in Low Menthol edition. Lower cooling effect for a more enjoyable vaping experience. It’ll be available in Europe as for now due to massive demands from our fans in France, Sweden and many more… so stay...

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