Cream Series Best Seller: White Label

May 22, 2017 | Fcukin' Flava

White Label, our most iconic and favourite cream series among our fans. The perfect mixture of Strawberry, Banana, a touch of berries and topped with the creamy Vanilla Ice Cream taste with a perfect touch of Fcukin’ Flava’s secret recipe. Yeap, you read it right. FCUKIN’ FLAVA SECRET RECIPE!


The Strawberry and Vanilla taste comes when inhaling the flavour. But the best part is, when exhaling, the aftertaste of the Banana. Imagine eating a banana cake with the vanilla topping! The taste is so perfect that it will blow your mind!!!

White Label nicotine level are available in 0,3,6,9, and 12 mg. If you fancy a little bit more taste, or maybe a little more or less of VG/PG, don’t worry as Fcukin’ Flava offers custom made flavouring based on your desires.

So what do you guys waiting for? Click here to purchase White Label. If you want a custom made White Label, email us at or fill up the “Order Notes” during the checkout page.

P/S: Psst….If you love a more “nutty” banana taste with a decent throat hit, then stay tuned for our next article on one of our finest creations, Red Label!!

Thanx a lot guys for the strong ongoing support! We love you! Vape on!

Peace out,

fcukin flava team