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Fcukin’ Flava at London Vaper Expo UK 2020

London Vape Expo at London Olympia event hall on the 15th and 16th of February where all vapers around the world come together to look at what the vaping community have in store for them!

Ever since the growth of the vaping industry, there are numerous amount of vape events that occurs around the world. Every country has their own brand and manufacturer of either e-liquid or vape pods where they want to market to their local customers. The purpose of vape events is to bring all vapers together to explore the e-juices and the vape mods that they have never heard of before. They can test out the vape pods while also tasting the e-juice from the brands that attended the vape events. Vape expo’s allows the customers to interact with the brand itself, whether they are a new or an existing customers. Some may be a big fan and have been using their products for a long time therefore, this gives them a chance to meet their favorite brand and meet the team that is behind it. Let’s say that you are a big fan of an artist, if he/she comes to your local country to perform or to either meet and greet then you would obviously want to go and see them right?! I mean who wouldn’t ! So this is the same but with vape brands and their customers / loyal fans around the world.

Fcukin’ Flava attended the Vaper Expo in London not to enter a new market but with the intention of meeting their fans around the UK. The purpose is to build a stronger relationship with their customers, answer any queries from them and also take any feedback that could help the brand even further in the UK/EU market. A lot of fans and interested shop owners were interested in selling our e-juice in their stores which made the overall trip a successful one. If you have any further inquiry then make sure to stay tuned on our instagram page for more event trips! We will be touring Europe after the London expo around France and Netherlands! if you are in the country then hit us up, come and meet the team to explore our brand and our juices!

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