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2019 So Far..

It has been a splendid year for us here at Fcukin’ Flava!

Hitting every single milestone we had set for this brand? Pffft, easy. We even strike the one we didn’t know existed for us. (LOL)

2019 has been a journey for innovation and consolidation of our status as the #1 fruity flavors in the market. We have branched out to a wider audience, while putting our maxim “best quality in each of our products” as the drive forward.

Here is the summary of how 2019 went for us:

  • FCUKIN’ FLAVA SALT NIC – Launched on March 2019, this new series quickly became the most sought-after salt nic juices in the market! Easily the top 10 juices in many shops worldwide, this series is a brilliant re-invention of the existing Fcukin’ Flava flavors (ADV Series, etc.) in nicotine salt version. Who’s the ***damn smartass behind all these? Our founder himself, Mr Ibnul Faridh.
  • ZR X FF – A collaboration with Malaysia’s #1 most popular artist, Zizan Razak. Garnering a massive quantity of order even before the release date, this series features a new lineup of flavors; Syrup Bandung, Rude Beer, Honeydew, Grapes.
  • ZR ICE Series – By popular demand, Fcukin’ Flava launched a new series, again in collaboration with Zizan Razak, that features freezing cold juices with 6 new flavors; Apple Shesya, Straw Shesya, Tropical Punch, Matcha Tea, Fat Bull and Sugar Boba. The reception from vapers was astounding, Apple Shesya was especially praised for its sweet, fragrant and unique taste.
  • SALT EDITION – A brand new packaging for the FCUKIN’ FLAVA SALT NIC Series. Now the 10ml bottles are packed in a cannister that ensures top notch quality even after long distance shipping.


New product range? New packaging? Whatever it is, we put your interest above all else 😉

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