If you think what we have now is the best,
you haven’t met the X yet.
The most sought-after e-liquid for 2018:
FFX with 6 flavours crafted to perfection.

Fcukin’ Flava X series

Size: 60 ml
Nic. strength*: 0,3,6,9,12 mg
50PG / 50VG blend

(*Nic customizations available for bulk order, Nicotine levels vary by countries.)


Sirap Ais

Prepare your tastebuds for our rendition of Malaysia’s local classic beverage. A rose water drink aka Sirap. A unique and refreshing e-juice that will keep you wanting more.



Experience the brilliant taste of both grapes and apples smashed together in this infamous sweet and juicy flavoured e-juice. Brilliant!


Lime Ice Cream

A delicious combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with a sweet and sour taste of lime. Perfect vape on a hot sunny day.


Vanilla Rose

Vanilla Rose is a perfect blend of rose water with a rich milky notes of vanilla, milk and custard. Lusciously smooth and flavourful, Really good!


Ask Your Mama

A well-balanced mix of custard and cream flavours, with a hint of cocoa. This e-juice will win you over by the first vape. Just like your mama’s recipe.


Morning Crunchies

A smooth and yummy cereal vape, just like having your favourite rice cereal soaked in milk for breakfast. Sweet, Milky, Creamy, Heaven!