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Shesha Series Apple

USD$ 20.00
Smoky  shisha flavor with the distinct crunchy, sweet and soury tast of fresh green apple

Shesha Series Pineapple

USD$ 20.00
Smoky shisha flavor with the exotic, tarty and sweet taste of tropical pineapple

Shesha Series Pomegranate

USD$ 20.00
Smoky shisha flavor with the sweet, sour and tangy taste of ripe pomegranate

Shesha Series Strawberry

USD$ 20.00
Smoky shisha flavor with the juicy, sweet and fruity taste of bright red strawberry

ZRxFF Honeydew Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Sweet, moist and thick flesh of honeydew squeezed into a flavorful salt nic juice.

ZRxFF Grapest Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Pure, sweet and juicy grapes blended into a juice with an exquisite rich taste.

ZRxFF Rude Beer Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
A combination of mellow sarsaparilla with creamy vanilla giving a fizziness and greater satisfaction in your mouth.

ZRxFF Syrup Bandung Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
A classic Malaysian must-have! Rose flavor mixed with together with condensed milk creamer giving a smooth milky deliciousness