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Fcukin’ Flava ADV Series Yummay Guava

USD$ 20.00
A sweet, sour and true-to-flavour taste of our juicy effect. Aromatic, delicious, rich and refreshing vape. Parisian favourite!

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cream Series White Label

USD$ 20.00
Savor the brilliant taste of our White Label, with the perfect mixture of Strawberry, Banana and Blueberry, top with the creamy Vanilla Ice Cream taste + Fcukin’ Flava Secret Recipe. Double Delicious!

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cream Series Blue Label

USD$ 20.00
Blue label is our latest addition to the Cream Series. Taste of the good ol’ cheesecake packed with the taste of graham crust that will melt in your throat! Dang!

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cream Series Red Label

USD$ 20.00
Red label is one of our finest creations of dessert vape with a rich taste of creamy banana with a hint of hazelnut. This one will definitely satisfy your taste bud plus the decent throat hit you always wanted. Delicious!

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cream Series Yellow Label

USD$ 20.00
Yellow label is a mixture of sweet ol’ Butterscotch blended with rich creamy taste of vanilla. Brown sugar + butter + caramel + vanilla = OMG! This will definitely be your ADV.

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cloud Series Honeydew BC

USD$ 20.00
Enjoy the delicate mixture of juice honeydew with a hint of fresh blackcurrant to give a funky vaping sensation and chunk loads of clouds in each puff.

Fcukin’ Flava ADV Cloud Series Ribena

USD$ 20.00
Relieve the sweet memories of a kid indulging in the wonderful taste of the all-time-favourite Vitamin C supplement beverage – Ribena. Come with us in the journey of being a happy kid with each puff of clouds.

Fcukin’ Flava X Series Sirap Ais

USD$ 20.00
Prepare your tastebuds for our rendition of Malaysia's local classic beverage. A rose water drink aka Sirap. A unique and refreshing e-juice that will keep you wanting more.

Fcukin’ Flava X Series Grapple

USD$ 20.00
Experience the brilliant taste of both grapes and apples smashed together in this infamous sweet and juicy flavoured e-juice. Brilliant!

Fcukin’ Flava X Series Vanilla Rose

USD$ 20.00
Vanilla Rose is a perfect blend of rose water with a rich milky notes of vanilla, milk and custard. Lusciously smooth and flavourful, Really good!

Fcukin’ Flava X Series Lime Ice Cream

USD$ 20.00
A delicious combination of creamy vanilla ice cream with a sweet and sour taste of lime. Perfect vape on a hot sunny day.

Fcukin’ Flava X Series Ask Your Mama

USD$ 20.00
A well-balanced mix of custard and cream flavours, with a hint of cocoa. This e-juice will win you over by the first vape. Just like your mama’s recipe.