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ZRxFF Ice Series Apple Shesya HTPC Edition

USD$ 10.00
The Middle-Eastern cult favorite brought in an ice-cold punch! Fresh green apple in a smokey and exotic combination, hitting the right notes all along the way. Now available in HTPC

ZRxFF Ice Series Fat Bull HTPC Edition

USD$ 10.00
Oh this flavor will get you going for days! All day, everyday, all time, everytime, every hour, every minute you gonna crave for this strong and sweet reinvention of iced energy drink. Now available in HTPC

ZRxFF Ice Series Straw Shesya HTPC Edition

USD$ 10.00
Unique and essential! The sweet taste of strawberry fused in a smokey and aromatic shisha base for a rare frosty delight in every puff. Now available on HTPC

ZRxFF Ice Series Tropical Punch HTPC Edition

USD$ 10.00
Winter is coming! And it doesn’t come slow with this freezy tropical fruits blend with just the right amount of mellowness and sweetness. Now available on HTPC