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ZRxFF V3 Soft Drink Series Super 100

USD$ 7.50
Premium liquid adapted from the isotonic drink giving you a sweet taste, boost in energy and rehydration in every puff you take. It is very calm on your throat, sweet on your tongue and energizing to your mind.

ZRxFF V3 Soft Drink Series Seven Up

USD$ 7.50
A very unique fresh lemon mixed with coolness taste of sevenup giving you a sensational feeling of freshness from every inhale. The sourness comes from the lemon and the coolness comes from the mint leaves, the perfect combination of sweet and sour taste that will make you crave it all day everyday

ZRxFF V3 Soft Drink Series Slychee

USD$ 7.50
sweet and sour taste once you try it. It is very famous for its lingering floral scent and loved by many for its delightful sweet fruity taste.

ZRxFF V3 Soft Drink Series Bandung Soda

USD$ 7.50
Bandung Soda is known as a classic drink in South East Asia known for the mixture of condensed milk flavored with rose syrup. Bandung Soda will bring you floral, sweet and refreshing taste of freezy rose syrup milk giving you nostalgia of what bandung soda is about.

ZRxFF Ice Series Straw Shesya Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Unique and essential! The sweet taste of strawberry fused in a smokey and aromatic shisha base for a rare frosty delight in every puff.

ZRxFF Ice Series Apple Shesya Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
The Middle-Eastern cult favorite brought in an ice-cold punch! Fresh green apple in a smokey and exotic combination, hitting the right notes all along the way.

ZRxFF Ice Series Fat Bull Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Oh this flavor will get you going for days! All day, everyday, all time, everytime, every hour, every minute you gonna crave for this strong and sweet reinvention of iced energy drink.

ZRxFF Ice Series Sugar Boba Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
It's a cold brew! Pure taste of fresh milk with rich brown sugar brewed to a caramelised finish, leaving a tangy sweetness you could never forget.

ZRxFF Ice Series Tropical Punch Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Winter is coming! And it doesn't come slow with this freezy tropical fruits blend with just the right amount of mellowness and sweetness.

ZRxFF Ice Series Matcha Tea Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Cool, calming and soothing! Bittersweet and floral; a green tea mix will surely leaves you clear-headed, chill and fresh.

ZRxFF Honeydew Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Sweet, moist and thick flesh of honeydew squeezed into a flavorful salt nic juice.

ZRxFF Grapest Salt Edition

USD$ 7.50
Pure, sweet and juicy grapes blended into a juice with an exquisite rich taste.